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This week I've been pretty busy with classes, PTs and  promoting TRibeFitness. I was extremely proud to be asked to join Ewa Craven on her interview on Radio Lancashire about Menopause on Wednesday and as a result of that have I something special to announce. 


Free Family Law Clinic powered by YOU

This is the 1st of our initiatives powered by YOU our members. By just being a member of TRibeFitness, working out with us, joining us on our socials, our walk and talk, salad social, Nutrition Seminars, Life Coaching events or Self Protection workshops, you are paying forward now to the wider community. We have teamed up with Forbes Solicitors to provide a Free Family Law clinic to anyone who needs advice in the area of family law. 

TRibeFitness is Powering a Major Womens Health Event in Preston


On 25th November 11am - 2pm we will be holding a FREE Women's Health Event in the business centre.

With GPs, Nutritionalists, Menopause Specialists, information on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer and Screening , Family Law, Sexual Health. Aesthetics and Dermatologists, Speech and Language Therapy. 

Reiki Healers, Massage Therapists, Holistic Healers, Beauty Aesthetics, Yoga Class, Slimming Clubs, Self Protection demonstration, Acupuncturists, Hair Loss Specialist, Bio Resinance, Counsellors and Life Coaches and many more.

We have also invited Manchester Fertility Clinic, Lancashire Women, Preston Domestic Violence Team, Radio Lancashire and Lancashire Evening Post. 

Dr Ewa Craven and Dr Louise Spears, Menopause Specialists will be holding a Question and Answer Session, and Ewa will also be announcing her vision for Womens Health Hubs under her new role as Clinical Womens Lead for Lancashire and South Cumbria when she opens the event.

If you would like to see any other element of womens health and wellbeing covered please let us know as soon as possible and we will invite the specialist along.

Please ensure you invite anyone you know to the event as this is a massive opportunity to meet and talk to specialists of all fields in women's health and wellbeing in one place. 

Please remember we can only do all this for other women in the area because of YOU.

Our focus is NOW and ALWAYS will be that YOU, our loyal members, get the BEST workouts at an affordable cost. We will 100% always give you the best of us.

We have an unrivalled group of trainers that provide you with varied and challenging workouts every day of the week.

We will only get better by bringing you other elements that help you thrive in every aspect of your life!!

Thank you as ever for your continued support ❤️

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