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The Carb Myth

Carbs have many functions in our body, here’s just a few of them: • Increasing strength & power output in your workouts • Your brain runs on glucose (carbs!)) • Your energy levels are driven by your carb intake  Cutting carbs out, or aggressively reducing them, will make you feel low energy, can contribute to brain fog, and can cause your exercise performance to plummet. In my experience, a lack of carbs also makes me feel unmotivated to train. Also, life is for living - who would want to go without carbs for the rest of their lives?! Instead of being afraid of carbs, use carbs to EMPOWER your results. Used the right way, carbs will unlock your true potential not just in your workouts, but everywhere in life. You WILL have more energy. 3 Ways to Use Carbs to Accelerate Results: 1. Set your daily carb intake to be 30-50% of your daily calories. The amount depends on your body and goals, but once you work in that range you’ll immediately feel the energy benefits. This % range is based on research and is a proven approach. 2. Start eating carbs pre-workout. Having simple carbs before your workout like fruit, dates etc. will immediately push your workout performance and increase power output as well as making you look fuller and more toned. Try it, you’ll love the effect! 3. Incorporate protein rich carb sources into your diet. These are foods that have carbs but also come with protein, which will trigger muscle growth, accelerate recovery and increase satiation. For example try adding in these three, kidney beans, lentils and peas.

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