Culture today really forces people to put-on-display their every action in the cutest, funniest, sexiest, most motivational, and most entertaining way…or else…did it even happen.

In contrast though, i'm a human who just wants to breathe. I like doing things for the joy of simply doing them.

There’s a lot I do off camera that I don’t share because I just want to live. To be. To do.

The decision to create a personal silence around certain parts of my life has been great for my fitness, my diet, my body, and my mental/emotional health. It has allowed me non-judgmental time to experiment and get into things…To make my health truly mine, and not the subject of a debate between people who don’t know my past, my present, or where I want to be in the future.


I used to say that when making goals, you should SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD! TELL IT TO THE UNIVERSE!

Public goals are highly effective! Whether it’s an Instagram post, Facebook post, or you told your friends and family, the act of sharing your goals with others holds you accountable, because you know your people will be watching.

However, it’s not wrong to set private goals. In fact, it creates a very safe space that allows you to fail without judgement. And guess what? You’re going to fail on any journey towards success. There will be setbacks and things that just don’t turn out as you would have hoped. And for many of us, we need that private, non-judgemental space as we heal, and bounce back up to try again.

With private goal setting:

Writing your goal down somewhere so it’s not just a floating thought in your head.Hanging your goal in an intimate place like by your bed or on the bathroom mirror so you feel like it’s a secret between you and you.Starting a private Instagram page that no one knows about to document your journey in an UNFILTERED, HONEST, and almost UNCOMFORTABLY RAW way.

Finally, you don’t have to be a 100% public goal or 100% private goal person, you can do both! (The world is not black and white afterall!) Go public with the things you feel like you need the cheerleaders for, and go private with the things you’re not as confident about. The only thing I ask, is that you promise to be a DOER not a SAYER.

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