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3 Myths about Nutrition

3 MYTHS about nutrition that you should know...⁣ ➡️ MYTH 1: Carbs make you gain fat⁣ Gaining weight is very different to gaining fat .. it’s true that carbohydrates have a tendency to make you retain WATER WEIGHT .. but they do NOT make you gain fat (unless they’re consumed in excess like anything else)⁣ This is why people often see a fast (but temporary) reduction in weight when they first eliminate carbs .. but the problem with this is that it’s normally just a loss of FLUID ⁣ TIP: Gaining fat doesn’t correlate to a singular macronutrient (like carbs) .. it only correlates to an excess of overall energy / calories⁣ ➡️ MYTH 2: Eating packaged foods that claim to have “reduced fat” are the healthiest options to choose ⁣ Think of it like this .. when you take something away - you have to replace it with something else...⁣ Foods that have been modified to reduce the fat content are typically loaded with SUGAR instead (this is what makes them flavoursome) ⁣ TIP: Reduce packaged foods if possible otherwise seek options that haven’t been overly modified ⁣ ➡️ MYTH 3: Eating regularly is important otherwise your metabolism will slow down which can lead to weight gain ⁣ Your body expends energy in order to break down and digest food .. but this process typically only accounts for around 10% of your overall energy expenditure (followed by exercise, movement and other bodily functions) ⁣ Therefore eating more frequently does NOT create a substantial difference in your metabolism or your ability to burn calories⁣ TIP: Focus on regulating your daily energy intake without obsessing over meal times⁣ ➡️ Make sure you check out the Meal Plans on our website at if you’re looking for additional help with your nutrition.

Monday is a great day to start.. Grab your ingredients over the weekend.. Make a plan.. Start it Monday, stick to it 👍

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I'm on it, I obsess far too much about food. I think of it constantly. Thanks Lyn

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