What will your awakening be?

I've been in and out of sports and gyms all my life. Literally all my life. From the age of 6 my dad had me playing cricket in the garden which resulted in me having a love of most sports, participating in them, competing in them and staying generally fit into my early 20's.

An event in my early 20's changed all that. I contracted meningitis and at the age of 22 was confined to a wheelchair for 2 years. Because I couldn't move and keep active I started to put on weight, something that had never happened to me before but something I was predisposed to do as my mum was a larger lady and I was almost her double.

By the time I was walking again I was 2+ stone overweight. Obviously after not walking for 2 years I wasn't able to exercise to any kind of intensity in fact I could only walk about 100 metres before I got breathless. I became obsessed with food and dieting and infact I became so obsessed I would catagorise myself as having a disorder at that point in my life.

Up until then I had never needed to watch my eating or think about my weight and fitness as they kind of just looked after themselves. I took them for granted like most of us do. I had to take on a whole new set of rules. Finally after a battle of not just body but of mind I learned how to look after myself, my body, my food intake and my health.

So thats one reason for writing this blog. I've not always been fit and healthly and I've had my battles. It took me a long time to love myself again in the new skin that I was in. A little bit rounder, and a few clothes sizes up. But I did.

In fact my weight has fluctuated for the last 20 odd years and its only now post menopause that it has actually stabilised. That is solely and utterly down to the fact I exercise up to 3 times a week. Sometimes I can only fit in 2 hours to myself, to spend on myself, but its keeping my weight stable and my health where it needs to be.

The other reason for writing this is to connect with all you ladies that have battled with weight loss or your fitness, with menopause or self confidence.

I have been there in my 20's, 30's, 40's and now into my 50's. I have felt the things you may be feeling, I still do. The only difference now is that I have the coping mechanisms that I subconciously and sometimes consciously engage to get me through my self doubt times. One of those mechanisms is to work with and help other women. Thats the concious part. I gave up a fairly successful career in IT to dedicate my time to helping other women, and now guys, to get healthy. I will admit it feels much more like a vocation than a business, maybe I shouldn't admit that but it's true. Every day I see women change from having little to no self confidence who "sneak" quietly into their 1st Group PT Session, and in a just a few weeks start to bloom into women who now "strut".

My awakening came when I lost my health, temporarily. I lost the thing we most take for granted sharply and suddenly in my 20's I realised then just how precious it was. What will your awakening be?

Let me ask you..If, when we bought our 1st car were told that this was the ONLY car we would have for life, we would surely look after that car, have it serviced, keep the oil and water topped up, make sure the body work was kept in good shape? That's the case with our's the ONLY one we have, the only one we are ever going to have!

So (and if you've got down to this part, thanks for sticking with it) If you are hesitating about taking the step to get fit and healthy post lockdown..PLEASE DON'T. I absolutely owe my life to my fitness.

If it's TRibeFitness or another gym. A PT or some other Fitness company make that investment it's NEVER to late to make a change. 😊

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