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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Ladies, tired of trying every transformation programme, fad diet and feeling low about yourself?

There are 3 reasons why you float from diet to diet, personal trainer to fitness class and nothing seems to work.

1/ The Programme

2/ The Diet

3/ YOU

The Programme

When we reach our 30’s we often start to gain stubborn areas of fat that no matter what we seem to do it just will not go!

Women store fat in different areas, predominantly around the hips, belly, thighs and inner thighs as well as the underarm area and the calf/ankle area.

Of course it makes sense that if you go from zero or very little exercise to some or moderate/intensive exercise and if you modify and start to manage your nutrition, you will, understandably lose inches and weight. That’s a given.

That’s simply calories in versus calories out… you are creating a calorie deficit and no shock you will lose weight ..You will also feel better and your confidence is likely to increase 😊 Which is fabulous!!!!!

But...WILL you lose it in the areas you want to? Will you hit a plateau and feel stuck and deflated again and end up moving to yet another fitness class or training group?

It is crucial when looking for a programme that suits you you look for a programme that is designed with a focus on what it takes for women to successfully lose inches and tone up or just feel damn good!!!!

For women your programme should contain

Progressive Overload

As one of the foundational principles of exercise science, progressive overload is a safe and time-efficient way to change your body composition over time. Factually Once the body becomes accustomed to the demands of exercise, you will become more efficient in that task therefore unless the resistance level is increased, meaning more reps or more weight, slower reps or even a pause at the eccentric or concentric points of the exercise, all add more resistance into the exercise. This also takes into account bodyweight exercises or routines such as Yoga which can be kinder to the body in terms of impact.


High-intensity interval training, also called high-intensity intermittent exercise is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. If the intensity is right your maximum workout time should be 25 mins with no longer than 20 seconds of 100% intensity and 20 seconds rest.


Quite Simply Cardio helps burn calories, speeds up your metabolism and improves your body mass index (BMI) it also helps control blood pressure and strengthens the immune system


Personal trainers worldwide hold a consultation with their client when the client first starts their journey with them. In terms of nutrition this includes or should include:-

A food diary

Clients food likes, dislikes, allergies and intolerances

Food Habits

Daily Water intake

Daily Routine - not just down to food but sleep, work, home routines.

Weekly food budget


Current Weight



Only then can a nutrition plan be provided that suits you!

The last element is YOU

How committed are you? Do you turn up to each and every session you possibly can? Here's the psychology around how to help "make" you turn up if the REAL motivation isn't there already.

There's this question that i've heard said so many times ..what price is your health? Mainly said when a gym is trying to convert a new customer by the way! It's clearly a stupid question because the answer is obvious it's priceless!!!

But does that mean it has to be unobtainable to most?

In today's Covid ravaged economy when it's critical for people to SERIOUSLY think about their health and fitness, it's more important for us health fitness professionals to build programmes that are affordable and that work, rather than playing a physcology game with "fitness shoppers" There is a belief amongst the fitness fraternity that if the price it just right for their 4, 6 or 12 week programme ..i.e. right meaning make the programme costs a set amount that their target clientele will invest and want to attend (Note: the 1st element to ANY change is leverage or need) The client commits to change not only because they want to but with added pressure because the programme cost is too much to lose. So the client will turn up to class/sessions and get results which can be used to get the next batch of clients in and so the cycle continues.

Shouldn't the fitness industry now wake up? As our NHS services start to decline (no fault of the workers in the NHS by the way, much respect under helish circumstances) to the fact that we play an integral part in keeping this country healthy, we don't do what we do to keep our bank balances healthy, or we shouldn't.

As a trainer I get sent advert after advert by social media "so called" gurus of how to make 6 figures from fitness in a year..and I am sure, especially in these times, it can be done. I may be crazy but it actually appauls me to look at the amount of trainers that started out with the greatest of intentions and passion for their profession. Only now to be swallowed up by greed. Equally it warms me to know those trainers that are old school.. that still train people because they love it..that are hands on that know each client, their families, and share their ups and help them sweat through the downs.

God bless you trainers that are still in this because you love every single day, that you love to see the progression in your clients. God bless you when the fact that somebody's sister has noticed that her sibling has lost weight and looks great makes the 9 hours of training you've done that day all worthwhile.

Carry on all the trainers that get up in the early houses for one client at's a marathon not a sprint.. remember who won the was'nt the hare :-)

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