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Women Supporting Women

At TRibeFitness we believe wholeheartedly in the empowerment of women. As a women's only fitness centre you wouldn't expect any less


Over many years we have worked with thousands of women to get them much fitter, stronger and healthier. We've educated them about nutrition and healthy body composition and provided them an AMAZING community to be a part of.


As part of our journey to empower our members we wanted to gather together different female professionals to build a resource for women to be able to find and access the services of anyone we list. 


We want to build an online information hub for the ladies of the Preston Area, where they have a list of qualified female professionals to access working in the following fields:-


  • Therapists - In all areas of Wellbeing - whether it's massage therapists, Reiki, hypnotherapists, acupuncturist or CBT we have the links to be able to refer and recommend you to a wide range of therapists.

  • Nutritionists - We have strong links to both nutritionists and dieticians - message us if you need any guidance.

  • Menopause Support - We have strong links to both Medical Menopause specialists or holistic menopause specialists - Please message us of you are struggling and need assistance.

  • Legal Advisors - We currently support a FREE family law clinic held once a month. Message us for details

  • Drug and Alcohol Support - we have links to Lancashire women and Inspire and can refer you if required.

  • Domestic Violence - We have strong Links to Preston Domestic Violence service and can help you to make contact 

  • Sexual Assualt and Violence - We have strong Links with Trust House in Preston and can refer you or help you to make contact - message us if you need help.

  • Women's Health - We have strong links to local womens health services - message us if you need assistance.

  • Women's only Social Groups - We support a womens walk and talk group that meets once a month and a Salad social group that also meets once a month. Message us for details.

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Watch this Space

As we start to build up our women's resource section we hope this will become a page that you will visit, use and refer to your family, friends and work colleagues based in and around the preston area. If you have experienced a great service from any one in one or a few  of our categories please ask them to get in though with us as we would like to grow our resource centre to offer as many services as we can.

Resource Section

Financial & Debt Advice

Legal Advice

Counselling Services


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