Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, or 'sleep of the yogi' is an ancient and powerful practice with a range of profound benefits and is an amazing alternative to more mainstream forms of therapy which can help with:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Insomnia

  • Overall wellness

  • Pain and chronic conditions


Alison Gough is Mandala's yoga nidra teacher and specialises in iRest® yoga nidra, which is a contemporary style of yoga nidra adapted to suit the conditions of modern life. Alison is one of the only yoga teachers in the north west to have studied to teach iRest to Level 2 with leading teacher trainer James Reeves. Alison has experience of delivering iRest to clients with a range of conditions and concerns including PTSD, stress, anxiety, MS and cancer. Her caring, soothing and personal approach ensure you enjoy the best possible experience. 


What to expect and how it works

The practice of yoga nidra is non-physical - there's no movement involved. You simply make yourself comfortable (blankets, cushions and bolsters are provided) while Alison's voice guides you through a series of stages including awareness of body, breath and thoughts which change the brainwave from active thought to deep relaxation and possibly sleep. You become immersed in stillness and calm which helps you to rest and ease away unnecessary tension in the body and mind. Through diving more deeply into thoughts and beliefs, you can begin to break habitual and limiting patterns and open yourself up to new potential. 


Many people like to enjoy the practice of yoga nidra lying down but it can also be practised sitting or even standing if lying down doesn't work for you. There's no wrong way to practise!


Yoga nidra at Mandala

Yoga nidra is offered as part of group classes (please see our events page for details of upcoming workshops and courses) or in a 1-2-1 setting. Because of the way iRest is delivered, there is plenty of scope for individualisation of the practice within group classes. If however you're looking for a practice tailored just for you to help you with a  1-2-1 sessions are the way to go. As Alison's student, you can also purchase her recordings to enjoy at home. They're not to be missed!

  • 60 minute initial session including consultation - £45

  • 45 minute subsequent sessions - £40

  • 4 sessions (1x 60 minute, 3x 45 minute) and 1 practice recording - £150

  • Practice recordings - £7

You can contact Alison for a confidential chat and for more details -


What Alison's students say

'Alison is very knowledgeable at what she does and gets the teachings over in a clear and concise way in a calm and caring manner. She is truly dedicated to her students' wellbeing and always open to learning more. Her yoga nidra classes are a wonderful experience and not to be missed. A dedicated professional for our wellbeing and relaxing to be around...a calming nature. Highly recommended.' CH


'Alison is the best teacher I have come across on my yoga journey. I leave feeling THE most relaxed and renewed. An hour and a half with her is like a week away on the best holiday ever.' SL


'Beautifully calming iRest session last night. I find it very difficult to relax but I came away feeling very balanced and I slept brilliantly last night, so it definitely benefited me.' JN