Sound & Meditation Therapy

A powerful alternative to traditional talking therapies and a highly effective way to deal with physical, emotional and psychological pain and tension.

Using Sound Meditation therapy Emma has helped many people to overcome mental, emotional and physical challenges. She takes individuals into a deep state of relaxation using rhythms, tones and volumes designed specifically for each client.


This deep relaxation is beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing, but it helps us to see our patterns of beliefs and actions and potential solutions much more clearly and helps us to break unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting.


About Emma

Emma Lowther-Wright is qualified at the highest level as a BAST Therapy Practitioner (PL Dip. ST).


She combines her study of meditation, the therapeutic meditative application of sound and music (especially drumming) with her studies of the physiology of stress and the effects sound and music have on the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress and trauma.


Emma's Meditation Therapy sessions combine therapeutic sound and music, guided meditative reflection, guided reflective questioning and a framework model called the BAST 5Rs which empowers clients.

Who can benefit from Meditation Therapy?

25 years of BAST research shows that this blended method helps many people who are looking to overcome

physical, mental or emotional difficulties including...

  • Grief and loss 

  • Physical pain

  • Stress and stress related symptoms

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Anger issues

  • Depression

  • Confusion, uncertainty and sense of loss of self

  • Insomnia

  • Dementia and Alzheimers

 The method also...

  • Supports efforts to overcome addiction 

  • Improves self awareness and mindfulness

  • Improves sociability and openness

  • Improves creativity, clarity and problem solving

Clients use one to one Meditation Sound therapy for support going through a difficult time, working on confusion, negative patterns of thinking or behaviours. 

The BAST method is underpinned by case studies, science and research which over the past 25years

has become respected around the world. 


What happens in a session?

The Meditation Therapy sessions begin with a discussion between Emma and the client to find out what the client hopes to achieve from the session and which will enable Emma to assess the appropriate treatment method for that day, choosing either Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls or drums and selecting appropriate rhythms, tempos and pitches tailored to the individual. 

During the 20-40 minute sound meditation treatment the client will be laying (fully clothed) on a massage couch, or if preferred will be sitting. The specific playing methods have a deeply therapeutic and relaxing effect on body and mind and significantly improves mood, emotional state and openness.


Following the sound meditation treatment the client Emma guides the client in an optional reflective questioning using the 5R framework which is person centered and which helps the client to find answers and solutions.


This combination of deep relaxation and reflective questioning enables the client to see themselves, their situation and potential solutions much more clearly and to make siginifcant progress towards their goals.

Why choose this method?

The BAST method of sound meditation therapy is underpinned by extensive research. BAST Practioner Level therapists are highly trained and regulated by the Therapeutic Association of Sound and the Complementary Medical Association to provide high quality care which adheres to best practice.


The body and mind connection is inseparable. The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.

When we are in physical pain this affects or emotional and mental wellbeing and when we are experiencing

emotional or mental difficulties our bodies are also affected.

The method works with sound to relax body and mind while the reflective enquiry helps the client to see and explore their whole self, situation, perceptions, actions, obstacles and solutions more clearly.  

How sound meditation therapy works 

The sound meditation therapy slows the heart rate and brain waves, relaxes muscles and soothes the emotional and mental state and releases us from patterns of thought and emotion.


Once mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed our thinking patterns change and we can see our processes, patterns and choices more clearly which enables the client to achieve more from the talking aspect of the therapy session. 


Humans have been using sound meditation in this way for at least hundreds of years but now we have science to show us what actually happens in the body and brain when we hear sounds. 



15 minute phone consultation: Free
90 minute session: £50
60 minute session: £40

Course of 4 sessions including 90 minute initial session: £150


To enquire:

Call Emma: on 07549 934 944