6 Week Rehabilitate and Revive 

Starts 31st August 

8 Places only 

Are you struggling with conditions that make exercising hard for you?

Do you have mobility issues which means you find exercise a struggle?

We can help, Join Caroline our Specialist PT, who has worked with hundreds of clients with challenges from obesity to strokes. 

Through optimised and specific training, Caroline will help you achieve a better quality of life through increased movement and fitness levels.

Our 6 Week Rehabilitate and Revive Programme is designed to get you moving, enabling you to gain more confidence, to move with more flexibility  and to improve the quality and enjoyment of everyday life reducing the risk of injury in their daily activities


Getting you healthier is OUR business.

At TRibeFitness we take the 'whole person' approach to get YOU looking and feeling confident and capable

Our trainers and coaches get to know YOU and what YOU need.

This is NOT a one size fits all programme.



Caroline will guide you through 3 x LOW IMPACT Group Personal Training Sessions Per week for 6 weeks.

Caroline will take your Measurements and assess your progress which not only includes inches lost but also your range of movement and fitness levels

Caroline will provide Healthy eating advice to improve your diet.

Call or text us on 07833240550 and we will be happy to help