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Meet us....

I thought with our community growing and going from strength to strength I would give you all a bit of further insight to who's who? what's what? And... why we do why we do?

When I started TRibe I wanted to build a community that supported each other. Women supporting women, building and holding them up. No one ruled out and every woman welcome. (plus you Paul 😘)

As such at TRibe we have a team of all female trainers to support you in your goals, build your confidence and improve your health and fitness and the the majority of our sessions are ladies only

When I started this journey, It was my aim to provide services, and training that offered a variety workouts (one session should never be repeated day after day) and different styles of training.

So you know who's who it's time to meet the team.

I'm Lyn the owner and founder of TRibeFitness. I founded TRibeFitness over 3 years ago now with very humble beginnings, training clients out of a high school gymnasium, with equipment that had been begged, borrowed or blagged. We ran 3 sessions a week..quickly growing to 6 sessions.

Our community and popularity quickly grew and 3 years on we are in our own unit and going from strength to strength. With 25+ weekly sessions, open 7 days a week, Nutrition plans, Recipe guides and a now a 3d body scanner to monitor your progress and keep you on track.

I have a passion for helping people to attain the best the best possible versions of themselves no matter what that may be. Infact I love it so much I gave up my career to pursue what I consider to be my vocation and most certainly not just a job!

I've worked with Top Flight athletes through 66 year old grandma's and everything inbetween on both physical and psychological wellbeing.

I'm a Qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and a CIMPSA accredited practitioner.

Along with running this fantastic facility, I also personal train clients.

In terms of Group Sessions, My sessions tend to be on a Monday and Friday Group Personal Training, HIIT and The BOXHIIT sessions..

I hope you're enjoying what I've put together so far...

To explain, all our trainers at Tribe are all self employed, so essentially we're a mini cottage fitness industry for female trainers.

Our trainers can feed their knowledge and personal fitness passions by taking classes as PTs or Fitness Instructors or even run their own PT business out of our venue.

The variety of trainers and the knowledge and personality each specifically has brings such a variety of expertise that is second to none.

Let's start with the 1st of our ladies to join TRibeFitness as a Group Instructor - Justine

Justine is a bundle of no nonsense fun, a lovely lady who delivers some killer sessions. As our usual early bird Justine takes our 6.30am Monday and Friday Mixed Sessions and our Saturday and Sunday sessions. I have known and worked with Justine for a good number of years now and I'm so pleased to have her working with us. Her passion, determination, kindness and heart shows through in every session. Bringing elements of pilates into her sessions means that they are varied and challenging as those that come along on the weekends know!

Then came Caroline who joined our trainer list as a PT with over 14 years of experience also Rehabilitation and Strength Specialist.

Without doubt Carolines knowledge in movement and strength training is extensive and she has assisted, helped and guided many clients out of previous movement challenges into much better range and improved posture. As a GP referall PT Caroline can work with anyone that is coming back to training from either illness or injury which requires more specific knowledge. This also includes New Mums who again require a more specific training programme. Caroline as well as taking our Low Impact Sessions on a Monday/Friday 10.30am and Tuesday/Thursday 6.30pm, She also has her own Personal Training business using our venue.

The penultimate of our regular "TRibeFitness Trainers" is Sophia.

Sophia is our Wednesday Group PT session trainer, bright, breezy and just a happy soul. Sophia is completely passionate about fitness. As a qualified personal trainer and Group Trainer Sophia, without doubt, is bringing her own twist and vibrancy to her sessions. Working full time at River Island and taking sessions every Wednesday means apart from leave Sophia doesn't get much time off.. But she absolutely loves taking classes and training in general which really does show in the sessions.

Last, but certainly not the least, of our regular weekly trainers is Helen

Helen has just joined our ranks as a regular trainer and will be taking Wednesdays 6.30am and The Wednesdays low impact 10.30am.

Without doubt Helen brings something completely unique to TRibeFitness and gives us even more variety in our offering adding in elements of Yoga and Pilates plus her own Kettlebell training programme.

Helen is a personal trainer and fitness instructor and has additional qualifications for working with groups and individuals with disabilities.

Helen also has a Masters’ degree in nutritional medicine and additional studies focusing on disordered eating and eating disorders.

On top of all that if you are suffering perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms and you would like more support to help you Helen is an award winning nutritionist with over 30 yrs experience who has delivered seminars on the subject of the menopause in the UK and abroad and who has experienced her own menopausal journey.

Weekly Class instructors


To ensure we have a varied mix of sessions to suit all requirements, schedules, likes and dislikes Nikki and Helen both joined our team. Both as well as being class fitness instructors are also qualified personal trainers and have made a real splash with our ladies. The addition of classes have most certainly rounded off an unrivaled service in Health and Fitness to ladies within the Preston Area.

Additional Trainers

Samantha Cowburn

Our very own pocket rocket qualified Gym instructor and Firefighter Sam is famous for her grueling crossfit style AMRAP and WODs.

Ajiri Phillips -

A trainee Nurse and qualified Personal Trainer currently studying at Uclan Ajiri often covers Thursday BoxHiit and has covered Saturday morning sessions too.

Louise Eastwood

20 years being a Personal Trainer Louise is a great addition to our list of trainers. Ex Co owner of Bodyrock Louise absolutely loves the fun and variety of Group Training sessions. Louise's group training facility was one of the 1st women's only Group facilities in Preston and really set the blueprint for what an all female community can offer.


So even though Craig and YouFit aren't essentially a TRibe company they re a valued addition to our members. Craig, as well as his outdoor Bootcamps, runs his own mixed Bootcamp sessions using our venue on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6.30am

Although this isn't a TRibeFitness offering Craig has released 4 spaces per session to TRibeFitness members meaning we now have 5 days a week of early mornings.

As an ex Army PI and qualified personal trainer Craig definitely has all the credentials to put you through your paces in his YouFit Bootcamps.

I hope now you know us and understand who we are and you've met our merry band you have a greater understanding of why, who and what TRibeFitness is.

I hope you enjoy our sessions, and enjoy the way you feel once you've worked out with us.

I personally believe the community our members have made is second to none! With salad clubs and walking groups, events and nights our. We're a family and we're all there to help You!!!!?

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