Massage Therapy

Via our partnership with Mandala we have 4 massage therapists available offering a range of massage treatments including post-surgery, hot stone, women’s health, aromatherapy, and the most talked about massage therapy right now....Himalayan Bowl as offered at luxury spas.


Massages are available most days. Booking is essential by contacting the therapist. 


Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone    Jiri Seidl


Jiri, our male massage therapist, offers relaxing and deep tissue massage. Release tension in your body, improve health status, or simply treat yourself.

Availability: Saturday, Sunday & other days possible

Prices: 30mins £20. 60mins £29
Booking: 07455 382308 



Tibetan Massage    Emma Lowther-Wright 


Release aches and tension as well as chronic pain at the same time as experiencing deep mental relaxation.


A truly luxurious treat that guarantees a beautiful night’s sleep too!


The Tibetan Bowls are placed on legs, back and shoulders and played gently, the vibrations release physical tension and the hypnotic sound relaxes the mind.


This treatment is offered in the world’s leading spas and has featured in Vogue and The Times and Emma is qualified at the highest level. We’re lucky to have this treatment available in Preston!


Availability: Mon evening, Weds evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price: 30min £25  60 minutes £35

Booking: or 07549 934 944


Yoga Therapy Consultant, Women’s Health Massage & Fusion Massage     Karen Duke


Karen has extensive training in Women's Health, Restorative Yoga, Structural Alignment and back and joint issues and is an Advanced Massage Therapist in Fusion Massage

Availability:  Thursday, Friday & other days possible

Email: or 07981 649509


Drum Massage    Emma Lowther-Wright 


A deeply relaxing treatment for body and mind.


Powerful for fatigue, pain, tension, anxiety, bereavement, gynaecological concerns and general worry or feeling off-balance or unsettled.


A drum is played over your fully clothed body, the vibrations are felt in the body while the hypnotic sound soothes and quietens the mind, slowing the brainwaves into a theta state where clarity of mind and deep physical and mental release occur.


Emma will talk to you to select a drum type, rhythm, speed and volume to counteract the overriding rhythm dominating your life to bring back balance. 


Emma is a certified sound therapist practitioner holding the PL.Dip.ST, the world's leading sound therapy qualification. 


Availability: Weds evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price: 45mins  £30



Booking: or 07549 934 944