We've redefined our cleaning and safety standards because your health and safety, plus that of our trainers, is our top priority.

In line with government guidance, and guidance provided in conjunction with ALL the UK bodies governing Fitness and Group Exercise,  we have implemented a number of measures and made  a number of changes to ensure that TRibeFintess is a safe place for you to workout.


We have joined an advisory panel including UK Active, CIMPSA and EMD UK to provide us with expert advice on the measures we are taking and to keep us ahead as things change. Safetoworkout is our comprehensive approach to making TRibe Fitness a safe place to workout. 


When you come back, you'll notice your gym will look a little different, but you'll still get everything you need for a great workout. 



We’ve created the space you need to work out while keeping a safe distance. The gym has also been rearranged and clearly marked out for you to use safely, so it is easy for everyone to follow. We'll also controlling the overall membership size limiting this to 70 to ensure our community is exclusive.



Our gym is deep cleaned every night with high-grade anti-viral disinfectant. This will include ALL equipment from dumbbells to rowing machines and everything in between, so you can train with confidence.




Although we have installed new self-cleaning stations, please  bring your own cleaning equipment and hand sanitiser so you can clean your kit before and after use, for added peace of mind. 




Although we do require you to attend sessions with your own hand sanitiser, we are installing a hand sanitising station. We ask that you also sanitise your hands before entering the gym to keep yourself and others safe. 



All sessions must be booked online and any payments for sessions, classes and or peripherals must be made on line.



As Trainers we have received FULL guidance fully trained on our new cleaning and safety measures to ensure these are delivered to the highest standard. You'll also get the same warm welcome that you've come to expect at TRibe Fitness.


TRibe Fitness actions to reduce risks and achieve the objectives. At all times, TRibe Fitness and other operators must follow the national/local authorities’ instructions and guidelines.  However, all operators have an obligation to consider a wide range of actions to reduce risks and make their facilities a safe place to work and a safe place to workout. The list below outlines some of the options we are currently considering at TRibeFitness.


Prevent people ‘carrying’ the infection into or around the gym (e.g. on hands)

  • Require use of hand washing and/or hand sanitisation at point of entry Provide hand washing and/or hand sanitisation all around the facility.

  • We have limited the number of people within a facility to reduce ‘density risk’ of transmission – Members will be asked to remain in their cars until the trainer allows entry.

  • Clients are asked to respect social distancing guidelines before and after the session and are asked NOT to congregate together at any distance less than 1m apart and where possible 2M.

  • Limit overall membership to 70 Clients with no new PAYG members.

  • Legacy PAYG clients will be required to purchase 6 session to be used within one calendar month. PAYG can be used for both Fitness and Yoga Sessions/Classes.

  • Reduced the risk of viral transmission through the air by installing a UV Ioniser and enforce physical separation of equipment and change to layouts to keep people apart.

  • Prohibited ‘pair-training’ or ‘spotting’ and encouraged ‘lighter load’ exercise to prevent heavy breathing

  • Following government guidance on wearing of masks for staff and members.

Preventing any infected people visiting the gym

  • Temperature checks routinely on training staff entry and members entry to the premises

  • Not admitting members and/or trainers who show possible symptoms or live with someone who has

  • Reducing the risk of viral transmission from surfaces

Reduce contact points

  • Ensuring regular cleaning and disinfection regimes

  • Providing  plentiful access to anti-viral wipes and sprays

  • Enforcing kit wipe down pre and post workout

  • Undertaking overnight deep cleans

  • Ensuring disposable gloves are worn for cleaning activities

Be ready and able to react to any “incidents” even before they occur

  • We have set risk indicators and establish data and reporting processes in detailed protocols

  • We track incorporate (hyper-local) data on infection rates and risks and communicate to members

  • We're ready to increase or reduce risk management measures in line with local risk level

  • Encouraging members and staff to use trace and test apps and share data, for early warning Consider closing facility if local risk levels are in the ‘red zone’

  • We are ready to close and deep clean if a member or trainer tests positive

Eliminating the information gap

  • Explain, train and engrain understanding of CV-19 and new protocols to both trainers and members. Risk assesments carried out prior to every session. 

  • Providing appropriate training on understanding and identifying the COVID-19 disease to trainers

  • Trainers adhering to standard for all risk management activities including colleague/member screening, disinfection regimes and new behaviours

  • Communicating clearly with members before attendance, on arrival and at all relevant points around the facilities to guide actions and activities

  • Updating information to staff and members on a regular - even daily - basis via app/email etc