6 Week Total Body Transformation Programme

Starts 5th October​ 

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The 6 Week #STARTOBER Programme is designed to get you into THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE BEFORE the Winter months set in.

Our Programme is EXCLUSIVE to TRibeFitness and is unlike ANY fitness or body transformation Programme in the Preston Area. If you ever wanted a Personal Trainer but couldn't afford it..THIS is the closest you are going to get. 


Getting you into shape is OUR business. 

We've helped HUNDREDS of clients get into better shape in thier 30's and 40's than they were in their 20's.

More Confidence

Higher Energy Levels

Body Confidence



At TRibeFitness we take the 'whole person' approach to get YOU looking and feeling THE BEST YOU EVER HAVE

Our trainers and coaches get to know YOU and what YOU need.

This is NOT a one size fits all programme we work with each INDIVIDUAL Client in a Group Setting to bring you affordable PERSONAl TRAINING

We've designed our programme to make sure






*Complete assessment including your current weight, measurements, daily routine and nutrition. **


* 3 x SMALL Group Personal Training Sessions a week

Combining weight training with short bursts of cardio

(Ladies only and/or Mixed sessions) 

* Optional 20 Min HIIT Metafit Session to get your Metabolism REALLY FIRED UP 

(Included in your 3 Group Sessions) 

* (Optional and HIGHLY recommended) 1 x Soft Yoga Class once a week with guided meditation 

* Nutrition Plan, Recipes, Personalised plan based on your Weight, Age and Height

Lose inches but don't lose the wine 

**If you would rather not have your weight and measurements taken we can complete a non intrusive assessment of your lifestyle



Example Recipes

Drop Dress or Jeans Sizes

Increased Tone

Increased Fitness Level

Better Posture

Calmer Mind


On top of ALL that You will gain a community of like minded people that will, along with your trainer support you throughout your programme.

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