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  • Functional Fitness which - both bodyweight and equipment-based classes = full-body workout

  • We Focus on improving your all-round fitness and ability 

  • Wide variety of exercises and session structures! 

  • Our coaches will help you develop your technique and motivate you to push yourself to new levels of fitness. 

  • As an optional extra you can choose to work with one of our PT's to help you stay accountable or to work on specific aspects of your fitness 

  • Anybody and everybody can attend, whatever fitness level you are.


    Lose Inches

  • Increase strength.

  • Improve fitness levels

We're not a huge commercial gym we don't need to be, we're a gym community. We EXCLUSIVELY work with only 100 members every month. Come join us


Our classes are designed to suit all abilities, fitness levels and schedules. 

We only ask for an initial 6 week commitment fir £65.00 and then its just £42.99 Per Month for UNLIMITED attendance.

Join us today 

We've selected coaches and trainers who are not only very skilled at what they do, but match our TRibe values. Supplement your fitness journey with additional 121 PT Sessions or programs discounted for TRibe Members
The perfect personal trainer for you is waiting

TRibeFitness Private Training Facility, Preston Technology Park, Marsh Lane, PR1 8UQ

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